I have seen nothing but growth from Triad. We have been the Pastors of the area for over a year. We are proud to be partners with such a community focused company.

Gabriel K., Rainbow Valley

Triad customer service has been wonderful from set up to addressing our issues in a timely manner.

Amanda W., Rainbow Valley
Triad has the best service for the price. Consistent speed at or above what I pay for.
Leslie E., Tonopah

I love the communication from you guys!!! So much better than others!!

Kati S., Tonopah
Triad has the best service for the price. Consistent speed at or above what I pay for.
Leslie E., Tonopah

I have enjoyed Triad wireless, we’ve had it pre covid and their service has been great, when there’s an issue I have called I’ve had someone respond to the problem immediately or relay the message that there is a problem in the area they are working to fix. I have had other internet providers and NONE of them have had anything close to the customer service that Triad Wireless provides.

Thank you.

Joshua A., Rainbow Valley

It works great. We have 4 kids on devices and we stream things as well. We have a firestick and no major issues.

JJ J., Wittmann
just want to thank you for giving great internet service! It was slow for about a day. I called in and soon I was able to connect, it’s back too warp speed! For us rural prairie dogs!

Thanks again for providing the support we’ve needed since we moved here last August!

Theresa M., Buckeye
Triad for gaming brother. Best one for ping out of everyone out here and I’ve been through them all, it’s what we have to work with lol but it’s great
Evan G., Tonopah
Triad all the way!! They’ve been out here longer than anyone and they keep my internet up and running!! If there’s an outage, they tell you when it will be fixed!!! Awesome company!!
Daisy A., Wittmann

I’ve been with Triad for several years now and it’s done nothing but get faster and more stable for me personally.

Blake C., Rainbow Valley
We are happy with Triad.
Susan C., Wittmann
As a small business owner in the Web Design and Internet Marketing field our Internet service is critical to our success. Triad brought unheard of speeds, unlimited bandwidth and excellent service to our small rural town. I can’t thank them enough!
Chris Von Nieda, Business and Residential Customer
From start to finish, the customer service and technical support is second to none. I was very apprehensive about switching and leaving a grandfathered plan with another service provider that had no contract, (even though the service was poor). I despise contracts! But I am so glad I did! I have worked with Triad and their employees on a personal level as well as at community events and functions. I have not met 1 member of their team who gives anything less than 110%. So glad I made the switch!
Leslie Eversole, Tonopah AZ